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What is Code Architect?

Code Architect is an on-line tool for easy generation of customized code for peripherals on Philips Microcontrollers.
The code generated by Code Architect can be cut and pasted directly into your project, and within minutes you will be up and running with the peripherals!

What is supported?

Currently the following devices are supported:
  • 87LPC762
  • 87LPC764
  • 87LPC767
  • 87LPC768
  • 87LPC769
Currently the following 8051LPC peripherals are supported:
  • Oscillator
  • Timer 0
  • Analog to Digital Converter
Keep checking back to see how we are increasing our support for other devices and peripherals.

Are there any classes related to Code Architect?

Yes. Code Architect is used in our Advanced Hands-On Training with the Philips 51LPC Emulator on-line class, which is sponsored by Philips Semiconductors.
You can take an on-line test and become certified in this class.

How do I get started?

Just click here and bookmark the page!

First choose the device you are using, then choose the peripheral, finally enter the options you want for the periperal to generate customized code

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