Quick and Easy Code Generation for NXP Microcontrollers

Code Architect

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Select the desired microcontroller and peripheral:

Start >  89LPC915 >  Ports

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Step 2 Configure the Ports and click on Generate:

This section is for configuration of pins not used by a configured peripheral. Individual peripherals ensure that the pins used by that peripheral are configured accordingly.

Port 0  
P0.0 (CMP2/KBI0):  Name: 
P0.1 (CIN2B/KBI1/AD10):  Name: 
P0.2 (CIN2A/KBI2/AD11):  Name: 
P0.3 (CIN1B/KBI3/AD12):  Name: 
P0.4 (CIN1A/KBI4/AD13/DAC1):  Name: 
P0.5 (CMPREF/KBI5/CLKIN):  Name: 
Port 1  
P1.0 (TxD):  Name: 
P1.1 (RxD):  Name: 
P1.2 (T0/SCL):  Name: 
P1.3 (INT0/SDA):  Name: 
P1.4 (INT1):  Name: 
P1.5 (RST):  Name: 
Initialization function name: